Thanks for electing Rick Brattin your conserative Missouri State Senator.

Rick Brattin is a principled, hard working, and common sense conservative. He was proven with a constitutional conservative voting record as Vice Chairman and member of the Missouri House Conservative Caucus. Rick aims to bring transparency and conservative accountability to state government finances by monitoring and removing any known waste, fraud and abuse found in anual fiscal budget audits.

  State Senate Campaign 2020

Missouri Republican Party

Much appreciate all our volunteers and supporters for working hard to elect Rick as Missouri State Senator from the Republican Party in 2020. Support his dedicated service from Cass County to House of Representatives to state Senate. Please donate to support Rick Brattin as State lawmaker for the 31st District in upcoming campaigns. Please click the Donate button below for secure PayPal or mail check to:

Friends of Rick Brattin for Missouri State Senate
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Please email our staff at to volunteer and support Rick's state election campaign. This website presents important public and government information for Missouri residents of Barto, Bates, Cass, Henry, and Vernon counties. It is the official online resource from Rick Brattin provided to the voters for elections and supporters in campaign fundraising and public events.

  Public Endorsements

     Republican National Committee Cass County Republican Party
     Missouri State Republican Party Cass County Young Republicans

  Election Results

 2010 House 124th District Rick Brattin elected    Republican 8,100 votes 51.27%
 2012 House 55th District Rick Brattin elected    Republican 11,747 votes 65.45%
 2014 House 55th District Rick Brattin elected    Republican 8,362 votes 97.62%
 2016 House 55th District Rick Brattin elected    Republican 12,350 votes 63.31%
 2018 Cass County Auditor Rick Brattin elected    Republican 32,868 votes 96.82%
 2020 Senate 31st District Rick Brattin elected


63,876 votes