Promoting fiscal responsibility for Cass County with distinction.

Rick has served a year as Cass County Auditor and eight years in the Missouri House of Representatives assisting with the appropriation and approval of the State $27 Billion dollar annual budget. A process of going line for line through every state department weeding out fraud, waste and abuse. It is critical to apply real accountability measures to government budgets and having an experienced watchdog that is protecting your hard earned dollars.

Financial Accounting Consolidation   Establish the Accountability Portal for Cass County

Transparency is probably one of the most critical checks on whether or not your government is doing their job properly and efficiently with your hard earned tax dollars. The new Accountability Portal allows for anyone and everyone to track and see where every dollar is spent by every department without having to go thru the complicated process of sunshine request, that can be quite costly, and lengthy, or having to sift through mountains of PDF documents.

Control Government Spending   Implement Comprehensive Auditing Procedures
As a proven Conservative, Rick knows it is imperative to adopt budgeting and auditing policies and procedures that set benchmarks for the performance of Every Single Taxpayer Dollar! Making sure that all county offices are utilizing your money to the highest level of effectiveness, at the greatest level of savings to you! With twelve years of experience as a small business owner, Rick knows how important the value of every dollar counts.

Improve Our Transportation   Hold Cass County Government to Highest Standard
In the modern day and age distrust with government is at an all time high. With the average American working over three and a half months just to pay their tax liability, it is more important than ever to hold our county accountable. Rick will work to weed out fraud, waste, and abuse to the Nth degree!