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City of Raymore  City of Raymore   Established: 1872 | Population: 19,754 | Area: 17.2 sq miles
In 1871, Raymore, Missouri was named after two of its founding fathers, Mr. George Rea and Mr. Henry Moore. Both men were involved with building the Kansas City, Clinton & Springfield Railroad. On March 20, 1877 Raymore was incorporated, became a fourth class city in 1988, and charter city in 1997. Raymore has become one of the fastest growing cities in the state.  


City of Peculiar  City of Peculiar   Established: 1868 | Population: 4,794 | Area: 3.5 square miles
On 1868 the county surveyor, Robert Cass, platted the Town of Peculiar. The city received its name when the first postmaster, Edgar Thomson since his first choice, Excelsior, was already in Atchison County. Thomson submitted the name "Peculiar" and the post office was soon established on June 22, 1868. In 1953 Peculiar was incorporated as a fourth class city and celebrated its centenary.

  Garden City   Established: 1885 | Population: 1,642 | Area: 1.7 square miles
This small city's claim to fame is the fact that Tony and Minnie Washington lived here. They were direct descendants of President George Washington and held in high esteem around the region.

  Lake Winnebago   Established: 1975 | Population: 1,131 | Area: 2.3 square miles

  US Interstate Freeway I-49
Congress designated the I-49 corridor from Kansas City to Shreveport, Louisiana connecting the existing I-49 between Shreveport and Lafayette in Louisiana. Interchanges are completed on US-71.>