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Rick Brattin

State Representative

House Majority Floor Whip (R)
Missouri House of Representatives
201 W. Capitol Avenue, Rm. 201F
Jefferson City, MO 65101
Phone: 573-751-3783 | Email

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Rick Brattin is the conservative State Representative serving central Cass County.

I am honored to be your State Representative, and I will work hard to serve the  great people of the Missouri 55th District. We do not need the government to try to stimulate and attempt to control our economy, the government needs to just get out of our way and stop wasting our hard earned money on endless programs that have proven time and time again to be ineffective. It's time to bring the power back to the People, back to the free market, and put a stop to the slow erosion of our God ordained liberties and freedoms. Allow the hard working taxpayer prosper and to reap the benifits of the fruits of their labor--That was what our Founding Fathers envisioned for our Country and those beliefs and core values are enshrined into both our Federal and State Constitutions. God Bless America!


Government   Government
 Repeal health care for people
 Support limited state spending
 Lower taxes on capital gains
 Work for efficiency in projects

Agriculture   Agriculture
 Ease family farm regulations
 Agriculture friendly legislation
 Planned land use  and zoning
 Capital access for operations


Opportunity   Opportunity
 Stop overtaxing to save jobs
 Provide small business credit
 Assist county business growth
 Stop business over-regulation

Transportation   Transportation
 Support roads and bridges
 Peculiar bridge reconstruction
 Improvement of intersections
 Monitor Interstate-49 opening


Thank you for supporting our 55th District re-election campaign for Cass County.


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